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Why Orland Park Soccer Club?

Each year nearly one thousand kids from Orland Park and the surrounding communities depend upon the Orland Park Soccer Club to provide them with the opportunity to play one of the greatest sports in the world. With talent levels that range from novice to experienced soccer player, these young athletes look to OPSC to teach them how to play the game the right way, and how to improve on their skill level. They look for OPSC to provide them with the Outdoor and Indoor facilities needed to play soccer nearly all year round.  Moreover, these kids are looking to have fun and enjoy the sport in the way that it was intended! Here are just a few key reasons why you should consider Orland Park Soccer Club:

OPSC is a tremendous value.

 Moderately priced, this not-for-profit community-based organization is an exceptional value when compared to the cost of other soccer clubs across the Northern Illinois area. No outlandish fees are charged as this is an all-volunteer organization! Additionally, the club makes investments in its programs each year in order to keep costs at a minimum.

OPSC has outstanding instructors.

To assist and guide our volunteer coaching staff, OPSC offers a wide range of training options that include week-long training camps to individualized team training at weekly practices by experienced trainers.

OPSC has great facilities.

With Orland Park’s Centennial Park lighted soccer fields, and the Orland Park Sportsplex nearby, OPSC has both the outdoor and indoor facilities necessary to support all our soccer endeavors.  Working in conjunction with the Village of Orland Park, indoor and outdoor fields are maintained year-round.  Soccer fields at Cachey Park and Schussler Park are used extensively for our club’s soccer programs. These additional fields provide the space and flexibility that is needed for scheduling the OPSC practices, games and tournaments.

OPSC Benefits:

  • Professional Trainers (MLS)
  • Partnership with a Competitive Soccer Program
  • Recreational Soccer Program
  • High School Girls Soccer Program
  • Kiddie Klinic Soccer Program
  • Lighted Fields (Centennial and Schussler)
  • Indoor Facility (Orland Park Sportsplex)
  • Annual Referee Clinics (New and Re-certification
  • Training/Coaching Support Library
  • Preventative Training / Health Tips
  • Community Service Hours available
  • Full-Service Web Site
  • Affordable Club Cost  
  • Discounts for Promotional Events (Chicago Fire games)